a bit about me:

​​Hi! I'm Cassie! I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, and I was introduced to the circus by show and tell in third grade. One of my classmates brought in a silk and it was love at first sight! I started taking aerial lessons soon after. Years later, I performed with a theatrical company and combined the worlds of Shakespeare and aerial circus. I then transitioned into being in a full blown youth circus company by the time I was 17. I was with that company until I went to the Clown Conservatory in 2018-19. From there I attended the third ever class at Circadium, where I graduated in June 2022 with my duo partner, Will Aaron.

Artist Trivia!

  • I love cats, especially Maine Coons!

  • You will always find me reading.

  • I’m afraid of the ocean:)

  • Fall is my favorite season.

  • My favorite food is sushi!

Have fun adventuring around my website!

Other Skills

Ball Juggling
Club Passing