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My partner, Will Aaron, and I will be performing gigs, kid shows at Elementary schools, and a theatre show in Hawaii all Winter! 

Circus For Keiki.png


The great Circus on Ice invites you to this frozen adventure with all your favorite characters, amazing circus acts, jugglers, hula hoops, clowns and jaw dropping ice-skaters!

My partner, Will Aaron, and I will be performed gigs around the Tri-State area all summer! Some of the companies were Airplay, Give and Take Jugglers, and Bindlestiff Family Circus. We also street performed on the Delaware River Boardwalk and that's where we found out we got our first touring contract!

After three years of attending Circadium School of Contemporary Circus, I graduated part of the 3rd ever class. Class of 2022!

Changelings are fairies left in the place of human children stolen by the Fae. There are lots of stories written about them. But what about the stolen children: where do they go, and what happens to them as they grow up?

In Human is their chance to finally tell their stories—at turns hilarious, poignant, and thrilling—from inside the land of Fairy. Directed by Tanya Burka.

Photos by Johanna Austin

Thesis! My partner, Will Aaron, and I have been working on our thesis act since September of 2021 and presented on April 30th. Our act combines theatre, dance, and duo unicycle to create a story about two people learning how to enjoy life. 

Photos by Johanna Austin

A four person ensemble show created by Cassie Caldwell, Josh Spaugh, Erin Gettelmen, and Will Aaron. We explore what it means to be a human in this endless universe, as well as what it means for the sun, moon, earth, and other celestial bodies. All culminating in a greater appreciation of life, and beyond! 

2nd Year End of Year Show

Created by the 10 artist-athletes in their second year at the Circadium School of Contemporary Circus, Monday Is Years Long blends circus, dance, and theatre as it illuminates the search for — and possibility of — community support when we find ourselves separated. This ensemble of movement artists invite us in, to follow them as they navigate finding togetherness in a world very new — where alone is safety, and together is risk.

Graduation ClownCon Show

The graduating Clown Conservatory show had all the clowns do a solo. I performed as Ari, a clown who falls asleep on the silk.


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